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Bespoke Alcove Sizes

Our bespoke alcove shelving service provides the highest quality wall shelving ideas — ideal for all of your storage needs. We supply strong yet elegant floating shelves which are practical to install.

We are on hand to provide help and information on shelving for all areas of the home and office. Whether you are looking for wooden shelves for the kitchen, children’s bookcase shelves to keep toys tidy in the playroom, or even an entire floating wall shelving unit for the living room, if you can’t find it in our standard range, fill out our enquiry form or email us at for a quote.

Why don’t you head over to our photo gallery for shelving ideas and shelving inspiration!

To request an alcove quote:

Please download the Measuring Cutting Width Form below and email the completed form to

We will email you back our suggestions for best cutting widths, this return email will also include a full quote based on website prices and quick checkout link.

Click here to download Measuring Cutting Width Form Microsoft Word Version
Click here to download Measuring Cutting Width Form PDF

  • Any width between 310mm and 1810mm will be supplied in one piece
  • Any width greater than 1810mm will be supplied in two or more pieces + biscuit joint linking. All trace join is removed during post-installation painting
  • Any depth between 70mm and 350mm supplied “no questions asked”
  • For depths greater than 350mm, we will always first check with you the load carrying requirement and wall surface
Combine with full ‘L’ shape corner shelves:
  • These can be supplied as per guideline above and biscuit joint linking. All trace join is removed during post-installation painting
Mini Alcove Desks
  • These can be supplied up to 450mm depth, and supplied with optional visible but discreet baton support.

Other Information

  1. Our alcove shelves have main rear wall fixing, plus additional fixings into side-walls (all concealed), achieving super strong floating alcove shelves, easily able to take fully loaded with books, and more.
  2. In regards to the best cutting width, this is a bespoke product and we supply cut to best width to fit your alcove angles; any best cutting width suggestion from us will allow for minimum 2.0mm gap at each edge. After installation all gaps are filled with flexible filler/decorators caulk prior to painting/finishing to achieve both maximum strength/performance and best fully fitted finish
  3. Most customers do not need to trim further onsite to fit but, if you prefer/require, up to 5mm can be trimmed onsite from each shelf edge without damaging the concealed side-wall fixings(TIP if your measurements have been taken using laser measure laser measure, great! However, it’s always good to do a quick double check of some measurements with a metal tape measure, to ensure laser had been correctly set at factory /still measuring accurately etc)
  4. Regarding the best shelf depth, the best installation is achieved when shelf fronts locate within alcove depth, plus we suggest allowing additional minimum 10mm margin to cater for residual alcove angles. Aligning shelf fronts too closely to alcove fronts increases the risks during installation of one part of shelf protruding proud of alcove .For example , for us to supply a 200mm shelf depth, the alcove depth should be minimum of 210mm
  5. Regarding potential obstacles on side walls, (eg door or window frame , electric sockets etc), please allow 30mm clearance for installation. For example, if there is located on a side-wall a window/door frame 220mm away from rear wall, then the max shelf depth we can supply here is 190mm
    all prices quoted include UK mainland delivery and fixings please see notes, especially regarding special fixings required for plasterboard onto dryline/dot&dab,
alcove floating shelves

What Our Customers Say

Sarah Holmes

“ Really happy with the quality of your product - I needed some heavy duty shelves for my office but wanted them to look good too. This product ticks all those boxes! ”

Michael Durbridge

“ I was incredibly impressed with the service, quality and fittings for the shelves you supplied. They look amazing and I am very pleased with the end result. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family! ”

Mrs Aston

“ We have been delighted with the service firstly and the product is amazing. We have previously had floating shelves and they were useless. The Shelfbar design is faultless! ”
floating shelves bookcase shelves floating shelves Read More Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

floating shelf

Our unique design and fixing system

The Shelfbar® system works through a combination of a unique design and fixing system applied to the best quality engineered materials and manufacturing. All painting is after installation to achieve the best fully fitted finish. Not just for trade professionals, these high performance floating shelves can be successfully installed using everyday DIY skills

How strong are Shelfbar shelves?

We could answer this question in several ways, but we think “can they take my books?” is the load measure most people want to know.

All Shelfbar® designs have been tested on a range of solid wall and plasterboard surfaces and they can easily support as many books as can reasonably be fitted on them. With no bend, no wobble and no sag.

We have put some of our products through some additional extreme testing - Please take a look at the photos of these at How Strong?
strong floating shelves

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