Bookcase Shelves

Bookcase Shelves

From: £60.18

From: £60.18

Create a stylish storage solution with our floating Bookcase shelves. Developed from our Single shelf product, these elegant and contemporary bookshelves are installed onto the rear wall only but also have our integrated discreet “bookend” wire support system, making the lower shelves super strong & practical.

The top shelf (no bookend wire support) is still durable enough to take a full load of books for long-term storage. This system also allows you to vary the gap between each shelf (subject to maximum gap 450mm), and this need only be decided during installation. Some customers prefer larger gaps between lower shelves, reducing the difference as they proceed up the bookcase, some prefer to keep the gap identical. Whether you are looking for bespoke bookcase shelves for the living room or creating a contemporary children’s bookcase shelving area for the kids’ room these, our practical to install Shelfbar floating bookcase shelves are the solution to blend with all home decor.

Order standard sizes online or get in touch for bespoke shelving solutions. All of our single floating shelves are practical to install and are supplied with full step-by-step Userview® Approved Instructions — along with fixing packs to suit a wide range of wall surfaces, including solid and plasterboard on wooden stud or plasterboard on dryline/dot & dab walls.

Our Bookcase Shelves are available in both rounded and straight edge finishes.


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    Examples of our Bookcase Shelves:

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    Product Information

    The Shelfbar® system – solid, premium grade MDF floating shelves, supplied ready for installation and painting. For best results, all painting is completed after installation to achieve the best fully, fitted finish in whatever colour blend/contrast you wish.

    All Bookcase kits include full step-by-step Userview® Approved instructions and fixing pack — including screws and wall plugs suitable for solid and plasterboard walls.


    • Rear wall + integrated discreet “bookend”wire supports making lower shelves super strong
    • Size of the gap between each shelf entirely up to the customer (subject to maximum 450mm) and precise difference need only be decided during installation
    • Minimum of three shelves per bookcase

    Also Included:

    bookcase shelves

    • FREE additional Assembly Pack including an 8mm pro grade drill bit, wire cutters and nail punch
    • FREE sanding pad for quick smoothing shelf edges between coats.
    • FREE UK mainland (ex Highlands) P & P for all orders over £45 (excl VAT).

    What You Will Need:

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    Made in Somerset, England
    Patent No: 2384164
    Design Registration No: 3000400

    Filmstrip summary of installation steps
    (all kits supplied include full step-by-step Userview approved Instructions)
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